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If you're interested in learning to groom your own dog, you're in the right place! Cairn Terrier or not, Dawn can teach you everything you need to know.


Dawn is a master when it comes to showing dogs. In her ringcraft sessions, she'll teach you how to present your dog to the judges.

Dawn Carradine Inett

Dawn has a lifetime of experience living and working with dogs, is an International Cairn Terrier judge, has won Best of Breed at Crufts and has the lifelong mission of helping people to develop their canine knowledge to improve the lives of their dogs and in doing so, their own lives too.

Dawn set up The Dog House which is a well known Worcestershire small business employing a team of ten working with around 150 dogs each week.

From one-to-one sessions right up to full day seminars, Dawn is able to offer help and advice across a range of topics which are of course all dog related!

Dawn communicates a very balanced view of each canine topic, and thanks to her eclectic employment history, she can enable others to gain a deeper insight into their chosen topic.

Dawn is:

A tutor specialising in Cairn Terriers. Dawn can teach others to become judges, groomers, exhibitors and breeders. Having owned Cairns for over 40 years, she really is a Cairn expert!

An International Championship dog show judge having travelled the world judging Cairn terriers and at Crufts, Dawn can see dogs from a judges perspective and this enables a focus on what the judge is looking for. 

A breeder - Holder of the UK Kennel Clubs Assured Breeders Accolade of Excellence and licensed by Wychavon District Council with a 5* breeding license.

An exhibitor who has "made-up" 19 UK Champions, bred numerous overseas title holders too, and is able to pass on her showing knowledge to others.

By wearing these hats, Dawn takes a unique perspective when helping others and can see "all points of view" enabling others to gain a balanced view of their dogs and the subject they want to learn. 

From being on the front line with the general dog owning public every day, to judging at Crufts, Dawn has gained a unique experience which she is readily able to share.

To find out how Dawn can help you, email now.

learn to hand-strip

Ideal for all you Cairn Terrier owners, or owners of any other breeds requiring hand stripping.

bespoke cairn courses

One-to-one help and advice and full day seminars

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