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What do we do?

Dog Grooming


The Dog House is run by Dawn and offers grooming services for all breeds, not just Cairns!

For full information, visit The Dog House's dedicated website by clicking here.


Learn to Groom Your Own Dog

If you'd like Dawn to teach you, in-person, how to groom your own dog, please

click here.

For hand-stripping, Dawn is an expert!


For full information,

please click here.


If you'd like help and guidance on showing your dog, please take a look at our

Ringcraft page.

If you do not own a Cairn, this is not a problem! Our Ringcraft sessions are for various breeds of dog, however there are size restrictions depending upon the training location.

Cairn Terrier Grooming DVD

Carradine Cairns have produced a Cairn Terrier Grooming DVD which gives you an overview of the key points to get that professional look for your Cairn.

Dawn has over 30 years experience specialising in Cairn Terriers, and in a light hearted but focused way takes you through the stages of grooming a Cairn, from ears to tail!

Follow Dawn's Golden Rules for Grooming and learn some "tricks of the trade". 


Send an email to order your copy, or for more information.

Carradine Cairns is a member of the British Dog Groomers' Association

Look out for an online version of this DVD coming soon!




Chris is fully qualified to microchip pets. He can chip:

  • Dogs

  • Cats

  • Rabbits

  • Ferrets


Chris is able to do home visits; if you have a litter of pups or kittens he will come to your house, which is less stress for your pets.

Puppies & kittens have to be 8 wks old to be chipped

Help and Advice

Dawn is also available to offer help and advice for anyone wanting to show their Cairn Terriers.

Dawn can help if you are:

  • new to showing

  • are unsure about how to manage your Cairns coat

  • have been showing for a few years but need some help and advice with problem areas


Stud Dogs


We are able to offer help & advice with finding the right stud dog.


Please get in touch for more information.


This is just a short note to let you know how greatful I am to have your grooming DVD! I am just now learning how to groom my Cairn for the show ring and your DVD has helped me immensely!


The way you explain and demonstrate grooming Cairns has made it so much easier for me to understand the whole grooming process! Thanks again for making such a useful tool for Cairn lovers!


I looked at your website and FB pages yesterday. What beautiful dogs you have!!! And you family and friends must be so wonderful and lucky to be involved.

Thank you so very much for being willing to help people better care for their Cairns and to be such a contributing factor to the betterment of the breed!!!


We had always wanted to show our dogs, so again, Dawn and Rosemary were there, at every show, offering and sharing their vast experience and guidance to us mere novices. They helped us develop the fine art of showing, they gently advised us on how to change what we were doing in order to get the best out of our dogs. And, without fail, they were there to congratulate us when we did well and even more importantly, to congratulate us when we didn’t win!!!! Both Dawn and Rosemary are selfless in their support and their focus is on all Cairns doing their best – win or lose!


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