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Our small and friendly ringcraft classes are held on various evenings throughout the week at our training rooms next door to our main centre at 86H Blackpole Trading Estate West. We focus on handling skills and learning to present our dog to the judge in the most efficient and effective way we can. Each session costs just £10 per handler

Our Ringcraft Classes are run by Dawn who has shown dogs all of her life. Dawn is an international Cairn Terrier judge and in 2022 judged Cairns at Crufts. Dawn has achieved much success in the show ring with her kennel of Carradine Cairn and Norwich Terriers, with 23 UK Champions and many overseas champions too! Dawn is often assisted by Lucy. Lucy is a great handler, and has experience and confidence in handling several breeds.

Please always book a place BEFORE attending.


Dates are pre-set in advance, and can be viewed by clicking here, or by joining our Facebook group below.

We encourage those interested in joining our ringcraft class to join our Facebook group! It's a friendly atmosphere where we not only post information regarding locations for classes but encourage each other and share and celebrate our showing achievements!

If you would like to join a Ringcraft class but don't use Facebook, please use the 'Book a ringcraft session' button below.

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