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All About Kennel Carradine


Kennel Carradine is owned by the Mother and Daughter partnership of Rosemary Harrison and Dawn Inett who live in Worcestershire, UK. They are Kennel Club Assured breeders of Cairn and Norwich Terriers, and hold the prestigious Accolade of Excellence Award!

The Kennel Name "Carradine" was first registered with the UK Kennel Club in 1973!

Rosemary and Dawn strive to breed happy, healthy terriers that excel as wonderful pets.

The mother daughter duo have been successfully breeding Cairn Terriers for many years, but the Norwich are a relatively new venture for Carradine.

A couple of years ago, Dawn & Rosemary visited the world famous Ragus kennel of Norwich owned by Lesley Crawley with a view to learning more about the specific grooming of Norwich.  Dawn fell in love with the breed, and it wasn’t long before Capers arrived at Carradine.

The Cairns loved Capers but because of the Norwich’s wonderful personality and their none quarrelsome nature, it wasn’t long before Capers was being “cairned” so another Norwich became a necessity as company for our Capers!

Lala joined us a month or so later and she has now had pups of her own, to which Capers makes a great auntie.

We are thrilled that Capers has now won 4 CC's and is Carradine's 1st Norwich Champion. We hope to show her until it's her turn in the maternity ward. Donald, Capers' nephew, is now being shown and has won Pup Group 4 at Belfast and Pup Group 3 at SKC date (July 2023).

So whether you are thinking of owning a Cairn or Norwich as a family companion, purchasing a potential show dog, looking for a quality stud dog or just want to see lots of Cairns and Norwich having fun, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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